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You must act quickly to avoid grave repercussions when you owe the IRS more than $10,000. The Tax Doctor is here to diagnose your situation and guide you to the best tax debt relief for your specific situation.

If you’re avoiding the IRS because you cannot pay what you owe, are too overwhelmed by the process, or don’t know where to begin, call us immediately. At the Tax Doctor, we offer several services and benefits to assist with tax debt relief for those who owe more than $10,000.

The Tax Doctor can:

  • Deal with the IRS for you.

  • Set up a realistic payment plan, especially if you cannot pay your taxes.

  • Negotiate and settle any back taxes you may owe or file years’ worth for you.

  • Ensure your business stays open, even as you are finding a solution.

  • Stop any tax levies or liens.

  • Provide IRS audit defense.

And because we know that you’re in a difficult financial situation, we don’t charge hefty upfront fees.

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Get Tax Debt Relief Now

Get back on track to a healthier financial future. Call the Tax Doctor for tax debt relief today.

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